A scientific and political journalist, and a political analyst, Grégoire Canlorbe has conducted numerous interviews for think-tanks and journals, including the academic review Man and the Economy founded by Nobel-Prize winning economist Ronald Coase. He promotes a new form of liberalism (libertarianism), which he calls “territorial-aristocratic liberalism.”

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  As a political and scientific journalist, Grégoire Canlorbe has conducted numerous interviews for journals such as Man and the Economy, founded by Nobel-Prize winning economist Ronald Coase, Arguments, and American Renaissance ; and think-tanks such as the Gatestone and Mises Institutes. He has various articles and appearances on radio as a political analyst to his credit. He is currently cooperating with the sociologist and philosopher Howard Bloom on a book of conversations about the behavior of masses in the universe, from atoms to humans. He is also the vice president of the P.N.L (Parti National-Libéral, i.e., “National-Liberal Party”/ “National-Libertarian Party”), nationalist, archeofuturist, and free-marketist.


Media mentions

  • “The István Markó Interview: Possibly the Best Thing You Will Ever Read on Global Warming,” by James Delingpole, from Breitbart News Network. On October 28, 2017.

“You should read this interview with the brilliant scientist István Markó. It tells you all you need to know about the science of global warming. (…) He was one of the world’s most outspoken and well-informed climate skeptics, who contributed to several articles on the subject for Breitbart News. Before he died, he gave an extensive interview to the French journalist Grégoire Canlorbe.”

  • “Greenie reveals his inner eco-fascist – unleash regulatory hell,” by James Delingpole, from Breitbart News Network. On April 21, 2018.

“As the antidote to Vollmann’s doommongering, it’s well worth reading Grégoire Canlorbe’s interview with Willie Soon, one of the world’s bravest, outspoken and distinguished climate skeptics. (…) Once you’ve read the two articles – the Vox interview with an alarmist and Canlorbe’s interview with a skeptical scientist – you’ll be left in little doubt as to where to stand on the greatest hoax in history.”

– “Heartland Institute publication to be included in Environment & Climate News,” by Jim Lakely, from Heartland InstituteIn July 2018.

The Heartland Institute distributed to every state legislator a document called: “Science, Philosophy and Inquiry on a Galactic Scale.” The publication is a reprint of a recent interview by Grégoire Canlorbe, an independent journalist who is also vice president of the conservative French Parti National-Libéral (“National-Liberal Party). Willie Soon, an independent solar physicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, collaborated with Canlorbe. The piece will be included with the latest edition of Environment & Climate News, a 20-page tabloid print newspaper that gives state legislators the latest news on the topic from a free-market perspective.”

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