Photo Grégoire Canlorbe site personnel  Grégoire Canlorbe is an independent scholar who has conducted numerous interviews with economists and social scientists for academic journals such as Psych and Man and the Economy, which was founded by the Nobel Prize winning economist Ronald Coase.

  His subjects have also included a wide range of renowned personalities such as Harvard’s astrophysicist Willie Soon, Yves-Saint Laurent’s co-founder and former President Pierre Bergé, Greenpeace’s co-founder and former President Patrick Moore, leader of the Alt-Right Jared Taylor, and former Czech head of state Václav Klaus.

  Besides his academic interviews, he regularly collaborates with cultural medias such as Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. He also cooperated with sociologist and philosopher Howard Bloom on a book of conversations (not published yet) about the behavior of masses in the universe, from atoms to humans.

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