DSC06008  Grégoire Canlorbe, a political and scientific journalist, has conducted numerous interviews for journals such as Man and the Economy, founded by Nobel-Prize winning economist Ronald Coase, Arguments, and Agefi Magazine; and think-tanks such as the Gatestone and Mises Institutes. He has various articles and appearances on radio as a political analyst to his credit. He is currently cooperating with the sociologist and philosopher Howard Bloom on a book of conversations about the behavior of masses in the universe, from atoms to humans.



  Grégoire Canlorbe’s properly scientific interviews notably include:

  An interview with Dr. Guang-Zhen Sun about the economics of the division of labor, published in December 2015 issue of Man and the Economy journal, founded by Nobel Prize winning economist Ronald Coase;

  An interview with Dr. Geerat J. Vermeij about human and natural economies, published in June 2016 issue of Man and the Economy;

  An interview with Dr. Steven Kates about Say’s Law, published in December 2016 issue of Man and the Economy;

  An interview with Dr. Deirdre McCloskey about the appeals of socialism and a variety of other topics, published in June 2017 issue of Man and the Economy;

  And an interview with Dr. Tsutomu Hashimoto about the bushido spirit in capitalist society, and a variety of other topics, shortly published in the review Arguments.


  Here are a few appraisals on the part of social scientists, economists and intellectuals interviewed by Grégoire Canlorbe.

  Guang-Zhen Sun: “Thank you very much, Grégoire Canlorbe, for your well-framed and thought-provoking questions, which inspired to me much new thought and insight.”

  George Gilder: “Dear Grégoire Canlorbe, thanks for your interest, expressed in extremely knowledgeable and provocative questions.”

  Pascal Salin: “Your questions, Dear Grégoire Canlorbe, are of high quality and never have I had the opportunity to have an interview of this type.”

  Paul H. Rubin: “Thank you for a very interesting and well thought out set of questions. If you had asked these as I was writing the book, it would have been a much better work.”

  Walter Block: “It was a pleasure to try to wrestle with these very important, well-articulated, and complicated questions. I am honoured to be part of your program.”

  Steve Kates: “I have to say, that having gone through the questions, I can see just how well they were put together. They really do get into every nook and cranny of these issues as they now are.”

  Roy Barzilai: “I was glad to have the wonderful opportunity to interface with such a thoughtful man as yourself.”

  Geerat J. Vermeij: “I’m impressed how well you understand my arguments.”


  Concerning his properly political interviews, Grégoire Canlorbe’s greatest feats of arms may be his interview with French patron and industrialist Pierre Bergé, co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent Couture House, sponsor of the French socialist party and supporter of President Macron. And his interview with politician and high-ranking official Henry de Lesquen, founder of the national-liberal (national-libertarian) party, intended to become the equivalent of the Trump force in France.

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